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which best describes the particles of a liquid compared to those of a gas group of answer choices

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A liquid is one of the states of matter.The particles in a liquid are free to flow, so while a liquid has a definite volume, it does not have a definite shape.Liquids consist of atoms or molecules that are connected by intermolecular bonds.

Which of the following is not correct about crystalline solids? the forces that act between the particles.

the rate of evaporation remains constant.

The temperature at which this happens is called the melting point.

At pressures greater than 1 atm, water will boil at. Compared with crystalline solid, the particles in an amorphous solid.. the average energy of the particles in the liquid increases.

Whenever a liquid changes to a vapor, it.. In a solid, the particles can vibrate but they cannot move from one place to another. Gas refers to a state of matter, do not have any shape but conform to the shape of the container, completely, in which it is put in.

When heated, a pure crystalline solid will.. Comprehending the particle nature of matter is significant. Solid Liquid Gas Heating. The lower mobility of particles in a liquid compared with those in a gas results in the liquid being.. too weak to hold the particles in fixed positions.

What is the process of a substance changing from a solid to a vapor without passing through the liquid phase? As against this, the particles are loosely held, because the intermolecular attraction is weak.

The particles in a liquid are unusually.. closer together and lower energy thatn those in a gas. The KMT does not predict that. Solid refers to a form of matter which has structural rigidity and has a firm shape which cannot be changed easily.