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essay on world without farmers

Uncategorized / November 3, 2020

The farmers are toiling hard day and night to make sure that these produces reach the households and they can feed themselves as well as their families to have a healthier living. They also have the support of the government. This was because agriculture in India depended on the monsoon. After the apocalypse without the modern farmer, we wouldn’t have nearly the abundance of food that we have today. Our society is extremely specialized, so their knowledge is limited. They nurture their crops like a mother who nurtures their child. (Source) No person in the history of the world has ever gotten to spend such a small amount of their income on food. Food will obviously be in short supply, so physical goods will be less of a priority. This kind of distorted expenditure patterns in rich and developed countries are very unfortunate. In Mesopotamia, pigs were domesticated around 15,000 years ago. Farmers are the life force of this world as after oxygen they are the ones who provide us with the most important basic needs of life which is food. Agriculture basically involves the cultivation of crops and the domestication of animals for the purpose of generating food and other things necessary for the mankind. Your email address will not be published. The glaring and alarming disparity between the richest so percent and the poorest so per cent of the world’s population, is too much to think of the world into a global village. The affluent nations should bring an immediate change in their priorities. The latter exploit the former as they will. 4 Reasons why we can be thankful for the modern day farmer #FoodThanks. Industries such as the cotton textiles, sugar, jute, oil, rubber and tobacco are majorly dependent on the agricultural sector. In developed countries millions and millions of dollars are spent on such trivial as video games, maintenance of lawns and pets. Pre-determined rate – As the farmers lack finance, they enters into agreement with local money lenders in which they will provide the farmers with the money but when the crops are harvested, the crops will be sold to them at a price pre-determined by both of them which most of the time is quite less when compared with the actual market price of the products. Many forests are cut to turn them into fields to cultivate crops. Here is a look at the significance of agriculture: It goes without saying that the food we eat is a gift of the agricultural activities that take place in the country. Interestingly, California provides a lot of food for the U.S., and produces over 450 different crops. The poor are unable to meet their basic need while the rich people belonging to the First and Second World nations are rolling in wealth and luxury. for the crops and they get that money by selling the crops and livestock in the market. importance of solar energy in our daily life. These essays will be helpful during several of your school assignments. They eventually began cultivating soy, azuki beans and mung. Seasonality doesn’t impact what foods are available to us. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', of milk. Cotton was domesticated in Peru around 5,600 years ago. It is practiced in desert-like areas such as the central and northwest India. These have-nots are always at the mercy of these influential and rich landlords. Your email address will not be published. target_type: 'mix' When looked at the overall costs of farming it will be seen that it is more than average. A good amount of investment in terms of money and huge labour force is required for this. Publish your original essays now. After the apocalypse, the percent of income spent on food will probably revert to what has traditionally been spent on food. The top 20 percent of people have 51 percent of the original income. Updated: 06.04.2020. So, the farmers after whatever portion they need, throws away the rest which is a waste of money. Let me know in the comments below. (Source), and ravaged Europe during this time period. A post graduate in English Literature, writing comes naturally to her and she is doing what she does best - writing and editing. google_ad_height = 250; Agriculture is said to be an art, science and commerce all at the same time as it suffices the factors involved in all three. Agriculture is also considered to be a hazardous occupation. Long and Short Essay on Agriculture in English. This includes India as well where agriculture is the prime source of income for several families. Agricultural exports form a good 70% of the total exports. So the next time you see a farmer, don’t forget to thank them, and pray that the zombie apocalypse doesn’t become a reality because it would be a pretty miserable existence. For example, the major population of India is working as farmers accounting for around 16% of the total GDP. The attainment of political freedom does not by any means indicate economic freedom and financial independence. Some of the commonly grown commercial crops in the country include cotton, wheat and sugarcane. Bruno Dorin (), Jean-Charles Hourcade and Michel Benoit-Cattin () Additional contact information Michel Benoit-Cattin: Cirad - Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement CIRED Working Papers from HAL. In those areas of the U.S., your menu would be quite limited. The excess products that is left over after satisfying the whole country’s needs, is exported to other countries. Steps and measures should be taken to improve agriculture ways thus making it a powerful sector to trade for. Farmers are the life force of this world as after oxygen they are the ones who provide us with the most important basic needs of life which is food. Railroads were the only way for many western farmers to get their produce to market and high prices were always charged. Springer Science & Business Media, 2007; Eves A, Lumbers M, Morgan J. (Source) If you’re living outside of California, you’ll probably have limited access to many different food items. Here is a look at how the agricultural field has broadly been categorized in our country: One of the most widely practiced technique of farming in India. Due to heavy rainfall, flood occurs which most of the times floods the entire field and the water remains there for all most a month which affects the crops in a bad way. It involves the production of plants, livestock, fiber, fuel and more by utilizing natural resources such as water and land. This ratio is quite high to say that the non-development is one of the biggest reasons as for why such a huge sector is involved in agriculture. It does not only open a vast arena of direct employment opportunities but indirect as well. Agriculture basically involves the cultivation and production of crops and livestock products. Now the people of the world feel far more close to one another than in the past, however, separated by vast distances. These subjects are taught in various universities across the world to train people in the field. This ratio is enough to say that India is highly dependent on its agriculture as a huge amount of land is used for it. The modern farmer has contributed so much to our society, and has been able to accomplish some pretty remarkable feats. (Source), **Today there are fewer cows, that produce more milk providing a 63% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions**, The dairy industry especially has seen a tremendous advancement in producing food. About EconPapers, Working Papers Most likely, we’d be living in a society very much like that of Jefferson’s, with a population dedicated only to producing food. Our society does very well at creating great comfort and in moving one breakthrough to another in terms of technological gadgets and high tech processes.

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