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cod mw lmg tier list

Uncategorized / November 3, 2020

Light Machine Gun Weapon List; The GRAU 5.56, Season 2's latest weapon, is one of the better weapons in the game as it used the same ammo as the M4. The KAR98K is a great gun but its one in the chamber design makes it high-risk, high-reward (Image via GFinity). Overall, the Oden is a great alternative playstyle in the assault rifle class.

The Oden is one of the strongest single fire assault rifles. The recent addition of the Crossbow also enters the mix.

The weapon has great range, high damage, a decent rate of fire and strong accuracy. Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) has been out for over a month. This weapon class is sadly slept on due to its weight slowing players down in a game primarily dominated by run-and-gun play, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t viable. If you like the WW2 homage and fancy a laugh, this is a fun choice compared to other C tier weapons. During this time, we have seen numerous balance patches come in and tone down the worst offenders. When an adept player runs this weapon, it can become unstoppable. WATCH NOW: OUR GUN GUIDES DOWN BELOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE. The Uzi is a solid all-around SMG but lacks a greatness of others on our tier list (Image via GFinity). Despite being semi-automatic, the low damage of the Dragunov makes it the unfavoured weapon in its class. The AK-47 is, once again, a highly popular AR in CoD (Image via GFinity). If you need help with unlocking some attachments, weapons or any other achievements, feel free to check out our Call of Duty Modern Warfare boosting services such as Camo boosting , Weapon Leveling , Modern Warfare Account Leveling and many more… This is the most infamous weapon in the game. This one trick makes the FAL incredibly good, however, it may be considered cheating and should be avoided.

It is significantly weaker, worse RPM, less ammunition. In most cases, the MK2 is better than it, but it’s only shining factor is its semi-auto factor. In the right circumstances, the MP7 and 725 are just as deadly.

The only downside is its low magazine count, but that’s arguably its balancing point. Read More: Modern Warfare: MP5 Setup And Best Attachments For Your Class in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019. The bog-standard pump-action shotgun.

It’s a great overkill option for snipers and it’s also nice to hold angles and sites with.

I hope you enjoyed my CoD MW weapon tier list.
This is crucial to Aug’s success as a hybrid weapon. The most recent balance changes seem to have addressed most balance issues. The SA87 LMG packs a hefty punch and a steady rate of fire but the near-uncontrollable levels of recoil make it very tricky to use.

Just use the Oden and you’ll get a better experience than the FAL. Only use it if you don’t have access to the AX-50.

The Oden clearly has its pros and cons. Read More: Modern Warfare: M4A1 Setup And Best Attachments For Your Class In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019.

Whilst at university, Craig focused his degree on history and voluntarily wrote about esports on the side. The M91’s base stats differ slightly to the PKM, as it is the stronger option, with slightly less stability.

This weapon gives players a taste of the class’s playstyle, but it can do a good job turning them away.

Problems arise for the MG34 when examining its accuracy and mobility stats, which are both the worst among the LMGs. It has a great rate of fire, strong, and carries a high ammo count.

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