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1320video net worth

Uncategorized / November 3, 2020

These expenses (employees, cars, etc) aren’t necessarily bad in my opinion – after all, everything that he spends money on makes his channel incredibly interesting. For being a die hard car guy, Cletus doesn’t seem to cycle through different cars very often – he gets a lot of mileage out of each one he purchases (pun intended). There are also a handful of other smaller income sources (which I’ll list out below), but he is primarily a YouTuber and that’s how he earns his money. 1320video net worth, income and Youtube channel estimated earnings, 1320video income. So you want to be as successful as ChrisFix? Well, if he were to sell it (and not be a part of it any longer) – would people still watch? Let’s break them down one by one: Other than his YouTube channel and his fleet of cars (which changes all the time), it doesn’t seem as if there are any significant assets to factor in to the Cleetus McFarland net worth calculation. You thought it was going to be well over $1 million didn’t you? I’d recommend reading that before going any further with this post. His content is mainly about cars, car parts, modifications, racing and anything else interesting in the automotive industry. Before YouTube, he was a online marketer and social media manager at 1320Video which is owned by Kyle Loftis. He doesn’t own property (residential or commercial real estate) at the time of this writing, so the only physical assets are cars. Cleetus McFarland’s net worth is freakin’ inspiring! a full article explaining who Cleetus McFarland is, his involvement in Rocky Mountain Race week, How clickbait ruined the streetspeed717 YouTube channel. I used to think that I was only interested in small and nimble sports cars capable of ripping my face off around road courses, but…a guy named Cleetus changed all that. Please check our detailed explanation to understand how this automated calculator works and how accurate it is. With a massively successful YouTube channel, two full time employees, and the ability to draw large crowds at every event he attends…he’s a perfect role model for those aspiring to make a fun (and profitable) living working with cars. Based on how admired he is for building really fast and reliable race cars. FYI, $800,000 is being generous! Adam Lz has earned $500 thousand from YouTube with his videos. Despite a very healthy income, Cleetus is crippled by a handful of rather significant expenses which brings his overall net worth down to a level much lower than other automotive YouTubers. $ 230K - $ 1.38M Cleetus McFarland income. Now, thanks to him (and his crew), I find myself getting really excited about ridiculously overbuilt (and sketchy) drag cars capable of ripping my face of on a drag strip.

However, without any significant assets that are paid off and appreciating, it’s difficult to put a high valuation on his brand. Within ~13 years, 1320Video has grown to become the LARGEST online street car media company in the world. I also need to state that even though his YouTube channel is producing a considerable amount of money every month, I don’t consider it to have a value over the $1 million mark. And it’s very likely one of the key reasons why he has a very impressive view count on every single video he uploads to his channel. $ 5.42K last 7 days Estimated earnings. Why? Adam Lz’s YouTube channel has a subscriber count of 1.2 million. Cleetus McFarland net worth. All hail Cleetus McFarland – one of the most entertaining car guys on YouTube! Anyway, just like I’ve done with my net worth estimates for other large automotive YouTubers (Doug Demuro, TJ Hunt, thestradman, and Adam LZ), I’m going to try and calculate Cletus McFarland’s net worth by having a deep look at 3 things: Once I’ve got the numbers all listed out, I’ll attempt to calculate a valuation. However, he has mentioned some specific things about his financial situation in his various videos over the past several months – which is going to make this slightly easier than it was for some of my previous net worth calculations. Here’s how. He is a YouTube creator who makes videos about diverse things. 1320video net worth, income and Youtube channel estimated earnings, 1320video income. The channel was started as a joke and Garrett got serious about it after he got his first viral video.

Thanks to YouTube, I’m quickly discovering who I really am as a car guy. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Is this the perfect intro for a Cleetus McFarland net worth article or what? What I’m trying to say is that I’ve only been watching the Cleetus McFarland YouTube channel for about 4 months now, and…I’m addicted. As far as I can tell, the overall value of his fleet never strays far from what I estimate to be $100,000 in overall value. Besides the humor (and his fearlessness when it comes to doing whatever it takes to set records at the track), I’m mostly interested in the business that he’s built for himself.

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